20 Useful Tips for Gambling

The best online casinos (often online casinos) often come up with questions about how to play online gambling establishments. Here are the TOP-20 tips from experienced players and streamers. You can think of them as simple, but for some reason, very few people use them. And nevertheless – such lifehacks will increase the likelihood of a win.

Go to our TOP 10 rating of the best online casinos and choosing the right site, try these rules in practice.

1. Set the win limit

It will not be superfluous. This will not let you get into the taste and inadvertently lower all the money won. As with the limit of losses, just stop playing when there are enough chips in your pockets.

2. Play blackjack in an online casino with favorable rules

The rules of the game in blackjack can vary from casino to casino, which affects the probability of winning. Using the best strategy and playing at the table with good rules, you reduce the probability of winning to a ratio close to 50 to 50 (the casino in any case will have a small advantage). Good rules include sarendo, the possibility of splitting any number of received hands, the ability to double the bet after a split, and so on.

3. Play only in case of payments for blackjack with a coefficient of 3 to 2

To equalize the odds with the casino, play only in those places where the winnings for blackjack are 3 to 2 (exceeds the bet you made by one and a half times). In some casinos this ratio is 6 to 5. Under such conditions, to leave the casino, remaining in the black, is much more difficult. So if the winnings in the casino are less than 3 to 2, then we recommend that you look for an institution more efficiently.

4. Playing craps, bet odds

The odds for playing craps are the only chance to have an equal chance of winning with the casino. Try to get the maximum benefit from them after you place a bet on a pass-through or non-transfer line. If you do not know how odds are being made, ask the dealer about it at the table.

5. When playing baccarat, always put on the bank

In baccarat there are three possible types of betting – for a draw, for a player and for a bank. The bet on the bank implies a commission of 5%, but even with its account this is the best option possible. When betting on a bank, the casino advantage is no more than 1%.

6. Bank at playing pai gow poker

Many casinos allow players to take on the role of bankers in the game of poy gow poker. This minimizes the advantage of the casino, so use this whenever possible. Just make sure that you have enough money to fulfill the role of banker.

7. Do not play the video poker “Jacks and above” with payouts less than 9/6

As with most video poker variants, payments in “Jacks and Above” can vary. The most optimal option is the machine that pays 9 for a full house and 6 for a flash. With this ratio, the refund can be up to 99.5% with skillful play and using the best strategy.

8. Do not play the video poker “Wild Deuces” at any tables other than “not so ugly ducks”

The best table for playing Wild deuces is called “not so ugly ducks” or NSUD. NSUD pays 4000 for a grand piano and offers the following payout ratios: 200 – 25 – 16 – 10 – 4 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1.

9. Never expect to win

Perhaps it will sound pessimistic, but casinos are called to deprive you of money, and not to give them. Always expecting the worst result, you will never be disappointed, and periodic wins will be a bonus to a pleasant pastime.

10. Focus on one game

Despite the fact that most casinos offer a lot of different games, choose one of them and learn how to play it as well as possible. Having reached the maximum of experience and knowledge in one game, switch to another.

11. Study and use the best strategy available

Choose one strategy for comparing the odds with the casino and stick to it. Of course, not all games assume the existence of any strategies, but they exist for games such as blackjack, video poker, baccarat and craps.

12. Take breaks

Do not forget to pause between sessions. It is necessary to get up and walk a little at least once a couple of hours. If possible, go outside, breathe the fresh air and return back, surrounded by card tables and slot machines.

13. Irrelevant bets are like playing in a coin

According to statistics, a lot of people who put money on sports, in the long run, lose more than they get. Regardless of the principle they make hasty rash bets, they can just as well throw a coin. If you want to bet on sports – your right, but just remember that you can achieve the same results by choosing teams at random.

14. Do not be in a hurry.

Games in the casino are designed to deprive you of money as quickly as possible, while maintaining a phantom hope of winning. Therefore, the most obvious way to stretch the playing time and the content of the wallet is the lack of rush, which is especially important for gaming machines. Many players rotate slots from 300 to 500 times per hour. Slowing down in half, you still have time to make a bunch of spins, while stretching the game time in half.

15. Gambling machines consume money faster than everyone else

Gambling machines – one of the most transitory versions of games in the casino. In addition, the number of winnings here is lower than in other games. This combination can adversely affect the thickness of your wallet.

16. Avoid keno

Usually, keno has the lowest probability of winning. In most cases, it gives the casino an advantage of 25% or more. For gaming machines, this indicator ranges from 2% to 15%, and for blackjack – less than 1%.

17. Video Keno is even worse

Video Keno is the only thing you can do more harm to your wallet than playing in keno. The difference in the percentage of winnings is about the same, but the video keno game is much faster (hundreds of games per hour) than in regular keno (one game in 5-10 minutes).

18. Be careful

During participation in gambling, it’s easy to just relax and stop paying attention to what’s going on. In the end, this is why we come to the casino – to get distracted from the surrounding reality. But lack of attention during the game can lead to major losses and unpleasant situations.

19. Follow the dealer in the live casino

The overwhelming majority of the croupier leads an honest game and conscientiously perform the work. But even they are not insured against errors, so do not hesitate to point out an insufficient payment or wrong decision. When this happens, do not touch the chips that made the payment until the situation is clarified.

20. Beware of fake sites

In the world there are a lot of good online casinos, they have the necessary licenses, high-quality support service, original software from famous developers, which regularly passes the audit by the relevant supervisory authorities of the countries where this activity is allowed. For example – Great Britain or Malta. Rating TOP 10 of the best of these online casinos you will find on the main page of our site, the accent is made on the inhabitants of Russia and the CIS (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, etc.), as well as to the Baltic States – the best online casinos in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Go to the site of the institution, pay attention to the availability of a license, which is usually indicated at the very bottom of the resource.